Platform for faster and easier contracts and agreements



- Legal sector is too conservative

Global digitalization trends dictate conditions even for such conservative industries as legal sector. Legal tech, followed by modern society, is a movement aimed at revising traditional views on the resolution of legal issues by introducing modern information technologies in the field of legal services at different levels.

- People want others to be more responsible

Crises and problems with non-fulfillment of promises taught many ordinary citizens responsibility. People have rethought their attitude, stopped being careless, by confronting difficulties that could well have been avoided with competent legal support or education.

- People who break contracts are not punished

The complexity or lack of the necessary communication between different parties, deceptions and frauds in sales/services and contracts with hidden terms lead to distrustful attitude towards deals and contracts because deceivers are not always punished either legally/financially.



An innovative platform where people can:

  • Set/Sign a contract with transparent rules and no pitfalls, hidden conditions and restrictions;

  • Set an fee payment for one-time or regular services;

  • Pay for purchased items;



- Registration

User signs in & verifies identity through email or phone number.

- Choosing Contract

User chooses goods & services in catalog

- Setting Details

User sets  dates, deadlines, prices, other  details through a convenient interface or voice.

- Signing Contract

User signs contract with preferred method: sign button, Touch ID, or draw a signature on screen

- System Registration

The deal is registered in the system and keeps in a blockchain, later can be used in court disputes if necessary.